Jeffrey T. Smith
Good Stuff Jim !!! Keep it up buddy ! I realy like the pic of the skeletons (14 of 24 in your main gallery). I'd hang that in my house ! Hope all is well. We'll catch up again soon.
Peter Markus
When I look at the work of James Patrick Kirk, I know that I am looking into the mind of a great dreamer and an artist of singular vision and power. No matter how long or close I look, I know too that no amount of looking is going to be enough. I could stare at these images for hours and days and they would continue to change and haunt.
Tomas Tourikis
Excellent drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Your work is truly amazing Jim!
good luck with your projects....I really want to see this caveman thing
Thanks for sharing it. Would love to read more on this. - <a href="">Skque</a>


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